Peachy Facts

Georgia ranks 3rd nationally in peach production. Most peaches are harvested in Georgia between mid-May and mid-August.

When buying Georgia peaches look for:

A creamy gold to yellow under-color. The red or blush is an indication of variety rather than ripeness.

The crease should be well defined and run from the stem end of the peach to the point.

A peach should smell peachy.

A peach should be soft to the touch, but not mushy.

Don't squeeze peaches; they bruise easily.

Place firm peaches on the counter for a day or two and they'll ripen.

Promptly refrigerate ripe peaches. Use within one week.

To peel a peach, dip it into boiling water for 30 seconds, then in cold water. The peeling should slide off easily.

To keep peaches from darkening after slicing, sprinkle with lemon juice or ascorbic acid.

1 pound fresh peaches = 3 medium peaches; 2 cups sliced peaches; or 1-1/2 cups peach puree

Peaches Bloom -- March

Peaches Fruit -- May-August

Pecans Fruit -- October 15-January 1

Wheat (Harvest) -- May 25-June 15

Wheat (Growing) -- Winter months-June

Corn -- April-October

Hay Crops -- April-September

Cotton -- September-October

Soy Beans -- October-December 1

Peanuts (Harvest) -- September 15-October

Peanuts (Growing) -- May 1-September

May to August -- see peaches being picked and packed, soy beans being planted and wheat being harvested.

From October to December -- see soybeans being combined and wheat being planted.

In some communities, you are invited to pick your own peaches. For more information, please check with the local contact in the area that interests you.

Georgia's Peach Blossom Trail was named to promote places along U.S. Highways 341 and 41 whose scenic beauty is enhanced each year by the delicate pink and white blossoms and was established in 1976 by an Act of the Georgia General Assembly in the recognition of the importance of the peach industry to the State of Georgia.

NOTE: Dates vary according to weather conditions.

Please check with local contact listed.

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